Grey's Anatomy Fans Deserve Much Better Than That Winter Finale

While most of us are likely still trying to figure out exactly how much 4,932 Bitcoin translates to in dollars, let's just cut to the chase about the Winter finale for Grey's Anatomy until the drama returns in January: it just wasn't up to snuff. Keep in mind, "Out of Nowhere" follows the landmark 300th episode of the medical drama, but unfortunately, we were still bombarded with sad attempts to sell this firefighter spin-off and the whatever you want to call that very weird and awkward thing going on with Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce. Note, spoilers are most definitely ahead. "There are some disasters you just don't see coming," Meredith Grey narrates in the opening of the episode, while Ben Warren exercises in what appeared as training for his firefighter phase (Insert: huge eye roll). Cut to Harper Avery winner Meredith on the bridge in the hospital doing an interview

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