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Women In Animation and Raising Films Join the Fight Against Sexual Harassment

Members of Wia including President Marge Dean (second from left): Wia’s Instagram account

Women In Animation (Wia) and Raising Films are joining the growing movement combating sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry. Per Deadline, Wia has been bringing the subject up at meetings with studio owners, scheduling appointments with legal experts, and sharing resources for victims online. Meanwhile, Raising Films published an open letter yesterday detailing the actions the industry should take to obtain justice for victims and ensure that workplace harassment becomes a thing of the past. It’s already been signed by over 500 people.

One of Wia’s endeavors is the Roar Art Project, which allows individuals to express their experiences of gender discrimination via art or animation. Wia is currently accepting submissions to the project and will showcase selected pieces in an online gallery later this month. The pieces may also be presented at exhibitions.

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