Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast: a baffling mix of Top Gear and Countryfile

Not a cookery show in the regular sense, the culinary world’s longest-running bromance returns with new recipes, foodie hi-jinks and a spot of Diy

‘Back on the road again, Jim,” chirrups Jamie Oliver, squeezing himself into a Ford Capri next to his mucker-in-chief, Jimmy Doherty, their cheeks glowing like cherry bakewells. Roll up and tuck in, ladies and gents, because Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast (24 November, 8pm, Channel 4) is back, offering new “weekend” recipes and general foodie hi-jinks while documenting the culinary world’s longest-running bromance. This is where our two childhood pals show their lifelong affection by bellowing gentle put-downs at ear-shredding volume while standing inches apart, and parrot slogans such as “Thank food it’s Friday!” without a hint of mortification.

This isn’t a cookery show in the regular sense. You won’t find these two dry-humping the fridge in their PJs at

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