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Strictly Come Dancing: week nine – as it happened

The dancers were in Blackpool this week – so who rocked the Tower Ballroom, and who took the first bus home?

8.01pm GMT

Jonnie and Oti take a final turn around the dancefloor to “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Bit dusty in here.

On that sad note, this year’s Blackpool Special is over! Service will resume as normal next week, with only seven dancers left fighting for the four places in the Grand Final on 16th December. Kick off is at 6.50pm, so join me then for another sparkle-filled Saturday night. Thanks for joining in, and have a great week! Hx

7.58pm GMT

All the judges vote for Debbie and Giovanni, which means Jonnie And Oti are leaving the Strictly dancefloor.

He thanks the judges for judging him as an equal, and hopes the next person with a disability who performs on Strictly can tuck their bum under better than him.

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