Mondo to Release Freddy’S Greatest Hits on “Freddy Sweater” Striped Vinyl from Strange Disc

The 1960s had Beatlemania, but the 1980s had the Freddy frenzy. In the decade when many teenagers wanted their MTV, the bladed boogeyman from Springwood slashed his way out of the big screen to bring his sinister sounds and killer style to the music scene, with a collection of his greatest hits coming back from the dead this week courtesy of Mondo and Strange Disc.

Initially released in 1987, Freddy's Greatest Hits features the voice of Robert Englund accompanied by the talented musicians known as The Elm Street Group. This Wednesday at 12:00pm Ct, Mondo will unleash a special striped vinyl variant of the nine-track collection from Strange Disc. Priced at $25 and limited to 400 copies, the special vinyl release is slated to ship out in January, giving horror fans something to listen to as they drift off to sleep in the post-holiday weeks...

From Mondo: "Hey everyone - this

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