Review: Let’s Sing 2018 vs. We Sing Pop (PS4)

Seemingly revitalised by the likes of Now That’s What I Call Sing and the current-gen debut(s) of Rockband and Guitar Hero, the karoke game genre has, sadly, not found the success it once had.

However things picked up at the beginning of this year when not one, but Three new karaoke games were available in UK stores. So what did we do? Reviewed the three in a head-to-head of course! Yes, back in January we reviewed Ravens Court’s Now… Sing sequel alongside Ubisoft’s Just Sing and Nordic Games’ (under their new Thq Nordic banner) We Sing, the franchise that was – in my opinion – the King of the karaoke games during the Nintendo Wii era.

I still maintain – all these years later – that Nordic Games’ We Sing Pop, released in 2012, was the epitomy of the genre, capturing the mix of songs, controls and gameplay perfectly… Well now We Sing Pop is back,

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