Mr Robot season 3 episode 7 review: Fredrick & Tanya

Alec Bojalad Nov 23, 2017

The Dark Army strikes back on an upsetting, excellent episode of Mr Robot. Spoilers ahead in our review...

This review contains spoilers.

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3.7 Fredrick & Tanya

“They’re actually going to get away with this,” Dom whispers to herself at the end of Fredrick & Tanya.

She’s right. The Dark Army is going to get away with it. Whiterose has achieved her precious annexation of the Congo. 71 E Corp buildings have been destroyed, along with at least 4,000 people dead. Elliot and Mr Robot are defeated, their people’s revolution is torn to ribbons, each one of those ribbons picked up to be co-opted by yet another 1% puppet master. Trenton and Mobely are dead, framed for the E Corp building attacks. Angela is a time-travelling vegetable.

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