Bushwick and a Modern Fiery Fairy Tale: A Film Review

Tagline: "The New Civil War Has Begun." Directors: Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott. Writers: Nick Damici and Graham Reznick Cast: Dave Bautista, Brittany Snow and Angelic Zambrana. Bushwick is an action thriller, which had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Starring former pro-wrestler Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, 2012), the film tries to answer the question: what if Texas seceded from the United States? Naturally, they would attack Bushwick! a suburb of Brooklyn. Writers Nick Damici (Stakeland II) and Graham Reznick have offered a modern retelling of the Grimm Brothers' Little Red Riding Hood, as Lucy (Snow) attempts to get to Granny's house. The path is littered with gunfire as the big bad wolf gets in the way. As well, much of the film is shot via long takes, with a steadicam. This shooting technique puts the viewer right in close with the characters. Meanwhile, there is a

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