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Angela Schanelec's Marseilles Diary

This is the diary Angela Schanelec wrote when she visited Marseilles in March 2002 in preparation to making her film Marseille, released in 2004. Originally translated and published as a complement to the fifth issue of Fireflies, which celebrates the cinema of Angela Schanelec and Agnès Varda. Angela Schanelec's Marseilles. Courtesy of Schramm Film.Marseilles, 1-10 March 2002 My mood was free of all desire.—Walter Benjamin, Hashish in MarseillesFriday. Marseilles, Provence. At the airport you can choose your destination: Aix, Marseilles, the sea or the mountains. You can see the mountains, light and craggy, beyond the airfield. The highway passes through urban canyons in the middle of the city. The houses are the same colour as the mountains. Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse. In Marseilles there are innumerable buildings like this one, unit agglomerations designed with varying degrees of passion, each unit a cell housing life. The hotel is on the third floor,

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