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Watch the trailer for The Last Birthday

Jaclyn Bethany's The Last Birthday is an experimental short that re-imagines the final days of the Romanov sisters as they’re held in captivity by Bolshevik guards in Siberia. The impressive cast includes Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia), Jazzy De Lisser (Thumper), Branko Tomovic (24), Harry Lister Smith (Murder on the Orient Express), Greta Bellamacina, Gus Barry and Fern Bain Smith. Tense and claustrophobic, the film is set entirely within the isolated confines of one house, the "House of Special Purpose". "The Last Birthday taps into my fascination with Russian history - but also explores the theme of isolation and the entrapment women throughout history have experienced,” says Jaclyn Bethany, director and American Film Institute Directing Fellow. “I think the story is almost alarmingly relevant.” The Last Birthday will be...

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