Biopic About Oscar-Winning Actress Who Fought Sexual Harassment in the Works

Judy Holliday in “It Should Happen to You

With stories about workplace harassers breaking every day, it’s important to remember the women who helped pave the way to this current moment by standing up to sexist, entitled bullies. Oscar-winning actress Judy Holliday is one of them. And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a biopic about Holliday and the abuse she withstood from mega-producer Darryl F. Zanuck (“All About Eve”) is in the works. The film is entitled “Smart Blonde,” a reference to Holliday’s Iq of 172.

According to the project’s screenwriter Willy Holtzman, Holliday refused Zanuck’s “aggressive sexual overtures” when she was 22. “Her agent scheduled her for the notorious ‘4 o’clock meeting’ and ordered her to stuff her bra,” Holtzman said. When they met, Zanuck locked the door, unzipped his pants, and forced Holliday on the couch. “He said, ‘You belong to me.’ Judy reached into her blouse,

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