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Indie Spotlight: A Hypochondriac Nurse Learns The ‘Dangers Of Online Dating’

Online dating is a nerve-wracking premise at its core, but if you know the health dangers posed by sexual contact, the experience can become even scarier. That's the idea behind the web series The Dangers of Online Dating, a comedy from creator Brianne Nord-Stewart about a nurse who must overcome her fears (and her medical knowledge) in order to snag herself a man.

The woman at the center of The Dangers of Online Dating is Paula (Paula Burrows), whose buttoned-up attitude and preference for celibacy is informed by the sex-induced maladies she sees every day in her work at a Vancouver clinic. With a little help from her friends, she sets up an online dating profile and launches herself into a series of clumsy encounters. Those situations are made even more awkward by Paula's reserved attitude around the opposite sex -- and her penchant for daydreams.

While its premise is

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