Drive-In Dust Offs: Bad Dreams (1988)

Cults and their leaders have always equally repulsed, fascinated, and terrified me. The repulsion and terror are obvious markers for any sane person, but some would rather not have it in their lives at all, thank you very much. This is also a lucid and healthy response. But in horror we look for the cathartic in the carnal; and while Bad Dreams (1988) spends a great deal of effort mining a very similar vein as A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), it succeeds in carving out its own modest slice in the late ‘80s landscape.

Released stateside in April by Twentieth Century Fox, Bad Dreams made back its $4 million dollar budget opening weekend, but petered out after it pulled in just over $9 million total. A profit, yes, but not the big numbers they were hoping for based on what they thought was a foolproof Elm Street format. Oh, and

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