Alexander Armstrong webchat – on poshness, Pasquale and Pointless's worst ever answer

The Pointless host answered your questions on his new album, the best Hey Duggee episodes and whether Richard Osman will donate his body to medical science

11.23am GMT

That’s all from Alexander Armstrong!

Thank you for all the questions. They were brilliant and I would have loved to answer every single one. Let's do it again if the Guardian will ever have me back.

11.22am GMT

skintman asks:

Your new album – I’m getting it for my great-gran for Christmas. Will you do a follow-up next year?

We're already putting an album together for next year which is going to be different. It's bloody exciting. We're talking to a producer who, if we can make it work, will be a really exciting project.

11.20am GMT

Conrad_Turner asks:

What’s the story of how Happy the Crocodile came to be adopted by two elephants?

One of the many charms

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