Please Watch A Christmas Prince, Netflix's Unintentionally Hilarious Holiday Romance

When it comes to watching cheesy romance movies, I like to think my tolerance is fairly high. Sure, I cherish Never Been Kissed and Bridget Jones's Diary, but I also have a soft spot for . . . Beauty and the Briefcase. And From Prada to Nada. Oh, and Pizza My Heart (Yes, Pizza My Heart). There's something comforting about sinking into the couch and getting wrapped up in the pure fluff of these movies' romantic entanglements, and I won't apologize for it. Some people meditate or go for a run to let off steam; I like to watch B-list actors get themselves into relationship problems that would be solved in real life with a single text message. That's why, upon spotting Netflix's new original holiday movie, A Christmas Prince - Note: not to be confused with My Christmas Prince or A Princess For Christmas - I was ready to shut off my

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