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How the return of House of Cards is both a blessing and a curse

The announcement that Robin Wright will headline a shorter final season is encouraging but the makers will have to work hard to fix a dying show

So it’s official. The Kevin Spacey scandal will not end House of Cards. In the first scene of the first episode of the next series, an underling will run into the Oval Office. “Did you hear what happened to Frank Underwood?” he’ll say, before explaining in great detail how a horse kicked him in the crotch and his balls went up into his mouth and exploded, and it made him fall off a kerb into a road where his face and neck were crushed by a fleet of steamrollers, a can-can troupe and an entire phalanx of Netflix board members. Then Claire Underwood will look directly into the camera, do finger guns, make a “click-click” noise out of the side of her

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