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Whistler Film Festival Screening: ‘Permission’

Whistler Film Festival Screening: ‘Permission’

By Peter Belsito.A seemingly casual comedy proceeds methodically to personal disaster and maturation for two New Yorkers.

In Permission directed by Brian Crano, the question is, “What if?”

By that we mean before you — anyone — makes a “permanent” life-setting decision what if (???) one could instead examine alternatives Just to know “they”, i.e., “other choices” are out there and you “lived them”.

What if??? indeed….

A New York couple has been happily living together for a number of years.

On the verge of marriage, a friend suggests that maybe they owe it to themselves to play the field a bit before tying the knot forever. No jealousy, no recriminations, it’s just sex, right?

Will, husband to be played by Dan Stevens is even there and approves of wife to be Anna’s (Rebecca Hall) would-be lover who tries to pick her up at a local bar.

So what

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