There's a Familiar Face in This Upcoming Black Mirror Episode

Image Source: Netflix Black Mirror will debut its fourth season shortly on Netflix, and one of the episodes already generating a lot of buzz is "USS Callister." The sci-fi episode pays homage to (or perhaps straight-up parodies) the original Star Trek TV series. Jesse Plemons (Fargo, Friday Night Lights) stars as Captain Daly, doing a solid tribute to William Shatner without going over the top. Daly's right-hand man is Walton, whom TV fans will definitely recognize from a variety of shows. Walton is played by Jimmi Simpson, whose most recent noteworthy credit is Westworld. In case you haven't watched the first season, we won't spoil his storyline for you, but generally he's a first-time visitor to Westworld who gets sucked into the deeper meaning of the park's story. Image Source: HBO Before Westworld, Simpson could be seen as computer hacker Gavin Orsay on Netflix's House of Cards and on A&E's short-lived Prison Break pseudo-spinoff,

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