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Peter Bradshaw Q&A: 'Now critics get reviewed – it's a sobering experience'

This week the Guardian’s film critic presented his shortlist of 2017’s most awards-worthy movies, directors and actors. Here, he talks to arts editor Liese Spencer about the realities of reviewing, the worst thing he’s watched, and getting it wrong …

The Braddies 2017: Peter Bradshaw nominates his films of the year

Q: How did you become a film reviewer?

A: Weirdly, I’d never reviewed a film before I came to the Guardian. I read English at Cambridge in the 1980s when there was no such thing as film studies (the subject was frowned on the way English was frowned on in the era when studying classics was the only respectable thing). In the 90s I was a general Europhile columnist and journalist on the London Evening Standard writing about books, politics, TV … almost anything but cinema. Then I had a footnote in journalistic history when I became the

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