Steven Spielberg Saved Gizmo From Becoming a Villain in Gremlins

Gizmo was such a great lovable character in director Joe Dante's Gremlins. Everyone loves that character, but the original plan was to turn him into a villain in the film! Luckily producer Steven Spielberg stepped in to save Gizmo from his villainous fate.

During a recent Q&A with EW, Joe Dante talked about how the adorable Mogwai was originally supposed to turn into the leader of the gremlins. Here he explains how the change from villain to hero went down:

“We invented a way to get Gizmo to move, but the problem was that Gizmo was supposed to, in the original script, turn into Stripe, the bad Gremlin, after about 20 minutes, and that was they that we planned to do the movie…But Steven Spielberg got it into his head, after seeing all of our tests with Gizmo, that he liked Gizmo so much that he said, ‘You know,

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