Colette Burson on Showing a Different Side of the South in “Permanent”

Permanent”: Magnolia Pictures

Colette Burson co-created and executive produced HBO’s Golden Globe-nominated series “Hung.” She helmed several episodes of the show. Her other directing credits include short “Little Black Boot” and feature “Coming Soon.”

Permanent” hits theaters, On Demand, Amazon Video, and iTunes today, December 15.

W&H: Describe your film for us in your own words.

Cb: The tagline sums it up nicely, “Hairstyles are temporary. Family is forever.” On a deeper level, “Permanent” is a coming-of-age story set in the South in 1982. The whole family is coming of age — the mother, the father, and the daughter. They’re each figuring out who they are, and the metaphor of hair, which is both universal yet personal, influences everyone’s identity, particularly at that moment in time.

It is also the story of being outsiders, which runs through my work from “Hung” and “The Riches” to this film. In

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