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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of 2017

Liam Hoofe with his countdown of the 10 best WWE superstars of 2017…

2017 has been an interesting time to be a wrestling fan. The year started off with a controversial Royal Rumble victory for Randy Orton (spoiler alert: he’s not on this list), made us all cry our eyes out when The Undertaker took his last ride at WrestleMania 33, and then left all of our jaws on the floor when Jinder Mahal was crowned WWE champion.

So in a year which has featured Jinder as WWE champion, the debut of the house of horrors match and the return of The Great Khali, which wrestlers have been a shining beacon of hope for us fans? The roster is arguably more talented than it has ever been, and from an in-ring perspective, the company has had one of its most consistent years to date. We’ve seen the rise, and fall of many new stars,

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