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Dean Cain’s Christmas movies: an (almost) definitive guide

Kirsten Howard Dec 19, 2017

One-time Superman Dean Cain has made lots of Christmas movies, mainly with dogs in them. This year, we've watched even more...

Warning! This article contains spoilers, the kind of swearing you'd expect from someone who's sat through thirteen Dean Cain Christmas movies, and mild peril in the form of ailing sanity.

If you’re anything like me you might have some fairly warm, fuzzy memories of Dean Cain. He was Superman! He brought Superman back! Supes! So fun to watch on Saturday afternoons or after school, saving Metropolis from do-badders and waiting for Lois to notice him without his cape on just once.

Okay! Soooo, what has Cain been up to since The New Adventures Of Superman finished? I mean, sure, you saw him in an episode of that one show. And then there was that other time. More recently, he's had a role in Supergirl. Naturally!

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