Engaged Filmmakers Follow Tradition of Speaking Truth to Power Via Cinema

When Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2016, it wasn’t just the end of the Obama Era; for the great majority of those in Hollywood, it was the beginning of the Trump Resistance.

Hollywood is an unabashedly liberal creative community and the rise of Trump has created a unified spirit that probably hasn’t been seen since World War II, when the town’s profound commitment to Hitler’s defeat filled the country’s screens with movies that helped sustain the nation’s resolve to defeat the Axis Powers at any cost.

If you look closely at the films of 2017 that are currently riding high in awards season, they don’t resemble the simplistic propaganda films that portrayed that conflict in stark black-and-white images of American Good and Nazi evil. But make no mistake, it’s not accidental that the season has already begun showering honors on films that see themselves and are seen by their

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