Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash Gets Trailer And Release Date

With a hit CW series and a recent appearance in the Justice League‘s first silver screen outing now under his belt, one could say that everything’s coming up Flash. In fact, not only is the Flashpoint movie said to be still in some phase of production, but the Scarlet Speedster will soon headline an animated flick in the form of Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash.

Now, it should be noted that much like his aforementioned solo movie or the animated film that was based on the very same source material, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the next direct-to-video Lego offering won’t afford Barry Allen the luxury of starring in a motion picture entirely free of his heroic cohorts. But the fact that Warner Bros. are allowing him to be the central focus is still nothing to shake Weather Wizard’s wand at.

When it comes to the plot itself,

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