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First Trailer for Comedy 'Entanglement' Starring Thomas Middleditch

"Every choice we make creates thousands of universes, spreading throughout time and space..." Dark Star Pictures has released the official trailer for an indie "alternative" romantic comedy titled Entanglement, from filmmaker Jason James. The film first premiered at the Seattle Film Festival and stars up-and-coming awkward actor Thomas Middleditch and the talented Jess Weixler (from Teeth). The story follows Middleditch as Ben, a man who accidentally falls in love with a girl who was very nearly, almost his sister while recovering from a suicide attempt. Then things get weird. The full cast includes Diana Bang, Randal Edwards, Marilyn Norry, Eric Keenleyside, and Nicole Laplaca. This looks like one of those ideally quintessential indie films with all the right romantic touches and existential questions, and I want to see it. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Jason James' Entanglement, direct from YouTube: While searching for the meaning of his existence,

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