Jordan Waller: ‘I told friends I had three mums’

The great thing about having gay parents, says the Victoria and Darkest Hour actor Jordan Waller, is that ‘you know you were really wanted’

Aged seven, Jordan Waller’s biggest obsession was a scrapbook in which he catalogued different types of lesbians. He shows me the book: there are “fat hippy dyke”, “sporty dyke”, “diesel dyke”, “career dyke”, and many more – each sketched in appropriate garb, with their characteristics neatly listed. “Mum absolutely loved it. It was my party piece. We called it the endyke-lopedia, and she’d get me to show it around all her friends.”

Waller, who plays Lord Alfred Paget in the TV series Victoria, struggling with his feelings for another man, grew up with not just one mum but three. “First, there’s my biological mother, Miranda, who got pregnant with me via a sperm donor in 1991,” he says. “Then there’s Dawn, her partner at the time,

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