Stephen King thinks the It reboot was so successful due to impeccable timing

Andy Muschietti’s It punched us all in the gut this past September. Honestly, when reading for the first time that Stephen King’s It was being remade into a feature film, who actually thought that it would be good?

For one, horror remakes tend to be fairly awful (we’re looking at you A Nightmare on Elm Street). Secondly, Stephen King adaptations have always been hit, or miss; see this years The Dark Tower for a great example of a Stephen King adaptation gone disappointingly wrong. Of course, then we started getting more information about It through promo’s, interviews, and word-of-mouth seemed good, and well… we know the rest.

It absolutely ‘killed’ it at the box-office this year, and Stephen King has a few ideas for what made the film so successful. Chatting with EW, the writer shared his thoughts:

“I think one of the things that really happened was that 1990 miniseries.

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