New Image Reveals Mirage is in Trouble in The New Mutants Movie

The New Mutants looks to be a pretty interesting movie. The director, Josh Boone, has decided to make a horror film inside the X-Men universe instead of a superhero movie. That being said, our five heroes will have a lot to deal with in this movie, but according to this image from USA Today, Blu Hunt’s Mirage is in trouble. We see the other characters around her and it looks like at least most are trying to help the seemingly unconscious Mirage not get caught by the horrors that are after them.

I’m excited to see the movie. Boone also told USA Today a bit more about the characters, saying:

.These kids could care less about being X-Men. They’re so (messed) up and have had such horrible things happen, they’re just trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. We just tried to

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