Interview, Audio: Illeana Douglas on Acting & the Film ‘Grace of My Heart’

Chicago – The acting career of Illeana Douglas began with director Martin Scorsese and flourished in her first lead role for “Grace of My Heart” (1996). She is best known today for hosting the “Trailblazing Women” series on Turner Classic Movies, and in Part Two of a three part interview with, she talks about her approach as an actor and how early influences defined that style.

Illeana Douglas was born in Massachuetts, the daughter of Gregory Douglas, who was the son of 1930s movie star Melvyn Douglas. She got the show biz bug as a young teenager, when she was able to visit her grandfather on the set of “Being There” (1979). After high school she moved to New York City to pursue a career. She studied acting while working various jobs, and met Martin Scorsese while he was editing “The Last Temptation of Christ.” She made her film debut in

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