Ben’s Favorites of 2017

2017 was a horrific year, but it was also a great year for horror cinema. 2016 gave us some instant classics, but I would argue that this year’s offerings were more diverse, fascinating, and forward-thinking. There were mainstream films—It, Annabelle: Creation, and Happy Death Day, to name a few—that I didn’t personally love, but their success has paved the way for more genre cinema overall. We’re finally seeing stories that reflect our times. I had the honor of witnessing this upsurge of conversation and success at Sitges’ 50th anniversary event, which was my cinematic and personal highlight of the year.

In terms of television, Twin Peaks: The Return has to go down in history as one of broadcasted horror’s best moments. Lynch dialed up the intensity and the surrealism in his new installment, and the result was stunning—not only spiritually terrifying, but beautiful and moving as well.

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