Telltale Batman - The Enemy Within - Episode 4 Premieres in Two Weeks

The 4th episode for, what has been a stellar season of, Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series is releasing in two weeks!  More info within!

In the most recent episode of Telltale Games' Batman - The Enemy Within, The Fractured Mask, Bruce and The Agency's plan to infilitrate The Pact began to unravel as the group suspected a mole.  At the end of it, Bruce became exposed and had to choose whether to put the blame on his only ally, Catwoman, or take the blame and risk the mission.  If you read mine and La's review of Episode 3, you know what we chose to do.  (Spoiler alert: no one messes with our girl, Selena)

Now, after a long nearly 2 month wait, we'll finally get to see what happens when Episode 4, What Ails You, arrives in two weeks!  Unfortunately, there is no trailer to see what could happen,

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