Movie Review – Gun Shy (2017)

Gun Shy, 2017.

Directed by Simon West.

Starring Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Cura, and Mark Valley.


An aging rock star’s wife is kidnapped while vacationing in Chile.

Antonio Banderas appears to be working non-stop at the moment. He’s popping up here, there and everywhere. Largely, we’re seeing him in straight to video action films. His role in The Expendables 3 seemed to re-ignite a connection to a genre he’d been drifting away from slightly.

Gun Shy is an odd mix of Spinal Tap (without the documentary aspect) and Taken. Very much played with tongue in cheek and for laughs, Banderas plays a washed up rocker on a pilgrimage to his native Chile alongside his wife, played by Olga Kurylenko. She gets kidnapped and it’s down to Banderas and his management company’s P.A to set about rescuing her from inept kidnappers. Veteran action specialist Simon West directs.

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