2018 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Nominations & Ceremony Details Announced! [Updated]

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards are back to celebrate the year’s best anime content, and have finally released more details about the awards ceremony, as well as when and where to buy tickets for the event. The awards ceremony is set to take place on the night of February 24th, 2018 at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood and is a celebration of all things anime. If you aren’t able to make it to the ceremony, as it will also be live streamed here.

During the ceremony, shows that will be highlighted include both shows that live on Crunchyroll, and those that don’t, such as Crunchyroll’s ‘My Hero Academia‘ Season 2, Amazon’s ‘Made in Abyss‘, and Netflix’s ‘Little Witch Academia‘ Season 2. Here’s the trailer for the anime awards for a preview of what’s to come with this year’s awards:

Here are all of the nominees

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