Watch The Opening Scene From Robert Englund’s The Midnight Man

Terrified teenagers and Robert Englund go together like peas and carrots, so it’s reassuring to see that this clip from the upcoming Midnight Man promises some real old school horror thrills to come when it opens later this month. Not to mention that, fortunately for the teenagers, Englund isn’t the titular midnight man, but rather a Loomis-like veteran providing exposition on the spooky goings-on. He’ll also likely die horribly at the beginning of the third act.

As for the footage here, which is pulled from the opening scene, it depicts three friends “calling upon the Midnight Man. As long as they stay in the circle they’ll be safe,” but things don’t go according to plan. Unfortunately for them, the game turns out to be a summoning ritual for a demonic presence hellbent on subjecting them to their greatest fears, then murdering them. Their only chance

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