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The joy of discovering a hidden videogame gem

Ryan Lambie Jan 17, 2018

It's fun playing the acclaimed classics, but there's a certain thrill in discovering an old, half-forgotten videogame gem, too...

From the earliest computers to the PCs and consoles of the present, every system has its undisputed classics. The Zx Spectrum had things like Manic Miner, Chaos and Deathchase. The Snes had such games as Super Metroid and Super Mario World. The Amiga? Cannon Fodder, Another World, The Chaos Engine and many more besides.

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The sign of a true classic, of course, is that it's still hugely playable even years after its release - hence the enduring affection for so many of those games mentioned above. But while it's always worth visiting the medium's most respected titles, there's also a certain thrill in roaming further afield and discovering something you've never

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