Darla K Anderson interview: producing Pixar's Coco

Brendon Connelly Jan 18, 2018

Producer Darla Anderson on how Pixar's Coco went from an idea between three people to a huge box office hit...

Pixar have hit a home run with Coco, delivering a profoundly moving reflection on love and memory. It's an amazing triumph of character, spectacle, story and theme. How do they keep doing it? I spoke to producer Darla K. Anderson in an attempt to understand. You can also expect some top tips on how to get a gig writing scripts at the studio, but you shouldn't expect to hear that it's easy.

Here's how my conversation with Anderson went down...

People have heard a lot about what a producer might do at Pixar in the abstract but what you actually do on a day-to-day level is more of a mystery. What actually happens? Let's start with you becoming attached to a film in the first place.

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