Robert Englund Discusses a Dangerous Game in Exclusive Clip from The Midnight Man

In past movies when Robert Englund emerged from the shadows, it usually meant certain doom for teenagers who called Elm Street home, but in our exclusive clip from The Midnight Man (out today from IFC Midnight), Englund's character could be the only hope for teenagers trapped in a deadly game featuring its own boogeyman.

Directed by Travis Zariwny, The Midnight Man stars Logan Creran, Robert Englund, Grayson Gabriel, Emily Haine, and Gabrielle Haugh. The new horror film is now in select theaters and on VOD platforms from IFC Midnight.

Watch horror icon Robert Englund in our exclusive clip from The Midnight Man below, and we also have the trailer and synopsis with full details on the new horror film. Will you be watching it this weekend?

Synopsis: "It was supposed to be just an urban legend… On a snowy night in her grandmother’s sprawling mansion, teenage Alex (Gabrielle Haugh

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