Review: Jerry Lewis' "Which Way to the Front?"

Part of the Jerry Lewis tribute A Mubi Jerrython. Originally published in the Rome Daily American, 1971.French film criticism has been deifying Jerry Lewis for nearly a decade now, citing him as an instance of American obtuseness in regard to our native art. Similarly, American critics never tire in citing this ultimate critical absurdity, as it were, as an attempt to discredit French criticism of Hollywood altogether.Most of us no doubt possess so many low memories of Lewis at his hammy worst that it is asking quite a great deal of us to erase our revulsions and reverse our critical polarities. Lewis quickly becomes a supreme test of our objectivity.Whatever one’s judgement, it has, I think, become considerably easier to approach Lewis’ later films. He himself is more disciplined, his gags have more dimensions, there is far more logic and grading in story development. It is easier

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