Scream Factory’s Rockula Blu-ray Special Features Include New Interview with Actor Dean Cameron

Ralph is a rock star with some serious bite, and he's coming to home media this March in a new Blu-ray release of 1990's Rockula. If you can't wait to sink your teeth into the bloodthirsty horror comedy, then perhaps Scream Factory can satisfy your crimson cravings with the Blu-ray's full list of special features, including a new interview with Dean Cameron, also known as "Chainsaw" from Summer School:

From Scream Factory: "If you're a fan of our upcoming March 20th Blu-ray release of Rockula then we hope you'll enjoy sinking your fangs into some blood-thirsty extras that we've cooked up!

- New Audio Commentary With Director Luca Bercovici, Actress Tawny Fere And Composer Hilary Bercovici

- New Interview With Director Luca Bercovici

- New Interview With Actor Dean Cameron

- Theatrical Trailer

There's also a reverse cover on the packaging as well! (Pictured below.)

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