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Let's Get Physical: Season One Ratings

Since rebranding as Pop in 2015, the former TV Guide Network has increased its offerings beyond syndicated reruns and entertainment news-related shows. While most of its programming is reality TV fare, Pop also carries first-run scripted series, including some originals. Now they've introduced their Let's Get Physical TV show. Can the fitness business sitcom keep viewers on the couch? Will Let's Get Physical be cancelled or renewed for season two on Pop? Stay tuned. **Status update, below.

A family comedy from creators Connor Pritchard, Dan Newmark, and Ben Newmark, Let’s Get Physical centers on middle-aged slacker, Joe Force (Matt Jones). After his dad, Colonel Tom Force, aka the “Godfather of Aerobics,” dies unexpectedly, Joe learns the old man left him his gym. Unfortunately, dear old dad also attached some bizarre provisions to his will. With the help of his

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