Antonio Banderas as Maestro in Official 'The Music of Silence' Trailer

"Love is the wonderful symphony of every beating heart. It is the divine music that whispers to us..." Ambi Distribution has released a new official Us trailer for an Italian biopic film titled The Music of Silence, from filmmaker Michael Radford. The film tells the story of an Italian musician named Andrea Bocelli, who went blind when he was a child. Years later he became one of the most famous musicians, but not without trials and tribulations, of course. Toby Sebastian plays Bocelli, and the cast includes Antonio Banderas, Jordi Mollà, Alessandro Sperduti, Luisa Ranieri, and Antonella Attili; with a special appearance by the real Andrea Bocelli. This looks like a very Italian film, with lots of opera singing and beautiful scenes in the countryside. The cinematography here is particularly impressive, I just hope the rest of it is that good. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Michael Radford's The Music of Silence,

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