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Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Tony Waghorne talks ‘I See You’

What can we expect from your short film I See You?

Something that is definitely overused by writer/directors, but also something different. I feel a lot of horror films can often lack is an actual storyline and a storyline that can fit into the real world and despite the film only being a short, I still wanted to try and get a real feeling narrative across. I always write my shorts with the thought of, how could this story be developed into a feature, which allowed me to embed enough of a narrative into the short so that it isn’t just ten minutes of scares with no real meaning to them. The short, I hope, delivers some creative scares whilst also providing a plot twisting narrative to provide a new take on the clown horror.

What were your inspirations for writing the film?

I had a couple. My

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