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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Other Hell (1981)

Nunsploitation is definitely not a strong suit of mine; going through a list to see which ones I’ve viewed has left me feeling ashamed and repentant. So after three Hail Mary’s and four Our Father’s I knelt down and witnessed The Other Hell (1981), Italian grimemaster Bruno Mattei’s take on fervid religiosity, rabid dogs, satanic offspring, and enough Catholic iconography to set a priest on fire. Which is a thing that also happens.

Released in Italy in late January and rolled out around the world throughout the year (North America would have to wait until ’85), The Other Hell is pretty much what I’ve grown to love about Italian horror of the ‘70s and ‘80s – outlandish characters, loopy plotting and jaw dropping moments – but is so far and above what I’ve seen of Mattei’s other work that it gives me a nosebleed.

So, let’s get thee to a nunnery,

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