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Robert Beck Memorial Cinema: 1998 Screenings

This is Part Two in a series of articles on the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema (Rbmc). As detailed in Part One, the Rbmc was an experimental film screening series in New York City, started by filmmaker Brian L. Frye.

Frye programmed the first screening on May 12, 1998 at the Collective Unconscious theater space. The screening included the feature-length documentary Underground by Emile de Antonio about the left-wing militant group the Weather Underground, and a kinoscope of Richard M. Nixon’s infamous “Checker’s Speech.” At the screening, fellow media artist Bradley Eros introduced himself to Frye and the pair co-programmed the Rbmc together for several years.

The goal of the screenings was to present work that typically wouldn’t be projected anywhere else, such as small gauge film formats and expanded cinema performances. The Rbmc would also host filmmakers in town for larger shows elsewhere in the city and asked them to screen their older,

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