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The Cloverfield Paradox: how its script radically changed

Ryan Lambie Feb 7, 2018

With spoilers, we look at how The God Particle became The Cloverfield Paradox - and changed almost beyond recognition in the process...

Nb: Your final warning for major Cloverfield Paradox spoilers from the outset.

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It says a great deal about our topsy-turvy, lightning-paced cultural landscape that we can now watch a trailer for a (fairly) major film release one minute and be watching it on Netflix the next. In the case of The Cloverfield Paradox, that's exactly what happened: the secretive movie once known as The God Particle got its first trailer during the Super Bowl on the 4th February, and within hours, had made its debut on the streaming platform.

Then again, secrecy and strange surprises are written into the Cloverfield franchise's DNA. A found-footage take on the giant monster genre, the original film's viral marketing turned it into a major

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