Doctor Who: Enemy Of The World DVD release date and bonus features

Kirsten Howard Feb 7, 2018

Classic Doctor Who adventure The Enemy Of The World is heading for a new home release on 19th March. Here are the details...

The Beeb is all set to release the recovered and restored classic Doctor Who adventure The Enemy Of The World on DVD on 19th March, and most dedicated Whovians will be familiar with what they can expect from the string of once-thought-lost or only partially recovered episodes, which are now positively gleaming in this upcoming bit of physical media.

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For those that need a little memory jolt, though, here's a quick synopsis of the Patrick Troughton-starring arc:

The Tardis lands on an Australian beach in the 21st century. But this is no seaside holiday - within minutes, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are under attack. They

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