The X-Files season 11 episode 6 review: Kitten

Daniel Kurland Feb 8, 2018

The X-Files focuses on Walter Skinner's past in an episode that does great work for both his character and the show.

This review contains spoilers.

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11.6 Kitten

“Have you ever wondered why, after thirty-five years in the Bureau, Walter Skinner isn’t sitting on this side of the desk?”

During the height of The X-Files’ popularity, a number of spin-off ideas were put into consideration. When the series began to wind down, a new vehicle that focused on fan-favourite characters the Lone Gunmen went into—and then quickly out of—production. The Lone Gunmen have a tonne of quirky appeal, but there’s a fundamental character from The X-Files that has been in the picture for as long as Mulder and Scully have, yet he continually gets short shrift.

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