The movie stars who have only directed one film

Simon Brew Feb 9, 2018

Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Drew Barrymore, even Marlon Brando. They all dabbled with movie directing - but only once...

Once upon a time, in the deep annals of Den Of Geek history, I interviewed the mighty Dolph Lundgren. I found him a fiercely intelligent, friendly man, and we got chatting about directing movies. I said to him that I genuinely admired anyone who could get a film made, and he seemed a little taken aback. “Thank you”, he said, “it’s more difficult than people think”.

And that’s why this article, even though it’s going to talk about some films that aren’t always particularly successful, is not going to come at you from a place of snark. Directing, after all, is hard, and our respect and admiration goes to those who tried it and who, for whatever reason, haven’t done so again. The way we see it?

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