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ExPatriot Pits a Rogue CIA Agent Against Money Launderers on DVD this February 20th

Tagline: “Kill or Be Killed.” ExPatriot is an action thriller from director Conor Allyn. To be released by Monarch Home Entertainment, this title involves a whistleblowing CIA agent and Riley's (Valene Kane) escape to Colombia. Even here, she is chased by her past. ExPatriot also stars: Charlie Weber (Vampires Suck, 2010), Mariio Espitia, Marcela Mar and David Valencia. The film's official DVD artwork is hosted here, along with several film stills. For more on the story, Riley is followed by her former coworkers. She is offered one more job, involving a money laundering scheme. She trusts her coworkers, only to be betrayed. Now, she must fight with these rogue CIA agents and with members of a Columbian syndicate. There is no escape, this time! ExPatriot will be available in late February. On February 20th, ExPatriot will show in an unrated version on DVD. The film has a runtime of 97 minutes. And,

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